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The creation of Eye-Prots can be paraphrased as the saying is "MADE BY SPORTSPEOPLE, DESIGNED FOR SPORTSPEOPLE"

Peter Buxbaum, Eye-Prots inventor:

“I first started cycling at an early age, inspired by my grandfather, who was a well-known rider in the ‘30s.

I‘ve always had a thing for riding on mountain roads, like the Großglockner High Alpine Road, and that‘s precisely where I had revealing experience.

On a gorgeous summer day, myself and more than 2000 other riders were fighting our way up 27.3 km of roads and a 1694 meter altitude gap, from Bruck to the  Fuschertörl.

I‘m not exactly a mountain goat by nature, but I still like to push myself to extremes. My perspiration was following suit, sweat streamed down my forehead and stung my eyes, to the point that I couldn‘t even see what was in front of me, let alone enjoy the view.

After a strenuous ascent and the prize ceremony, it was time to ride back down the valley.

It happened on the long straight at “Hochmais” – I drove over a bump at over 70km / h. My helmet did not fit perfectly and it slipped out of position. At that very moment, a rivulet of sweat, which had collected behind the helmet strap, ran directly into my eyes. For a brief moment I couldn’t see anything, my eyes were stinging like they were on fire. I ended up swerving across the road, which luckily was empty as the area had been cordoned off because of the race. I still shudder to think about what could have happened if there had been oncoming traffic, there‘s no way I could have avoided a head-on collision.

That same evening, I started searching for products that would protect my eyes from sweat. Advanced search by wicking away sweat, not just absorbing it. I didn’t find anything.

On the very next day I started googling to see if I could find a device that not only absorbed sweat, but was actually capable of channeling perspiration away from my eyes and face. I wasn‘t able to find anything suitable, and that‘s how I ended up designing and building my own.

Eye-Prots are my contribution to additional comfort and safety during sport, leisure and at work.”

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