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As a company, we are aware of our ecological and social responsibility and do our best to act and produce in an environmentally friendly and fair manner.

Eye-Prots is a trademark of Peter Buxbaum GmbH. B-M-S, Bio-Based-Molding-Solutions is also part of the group of companies. The core-business of B-M-S is the optimization of bio-plastics as well as the complete production chain and product design for high-quality plastic components made from bio-plastics. The extensive material optimizations for the Eye-Prots were also carried out by B-M-S.

Eye-Prots are available in two versions – made of conventional plastic and made of bio-based plastic. Both variants are free of UV stabilizers or additionally added softening additives. Both variants are 100% recyclable, currently we are also working on a special system for sorting and recycling of the products. Our bio-polymer eye-prots consist of 80% renewable raw materials. The use of renewable raw materials conserves the limited petroleum reserves and reduces CO2 emissions in comparison with conventional petroleum-based plastics.

The useage of bioplastics is especially useful for long-lasting products and ensures a positive ecological balance here. This is checked using an internationally approved test in accordance with the ASTM D 6866 standard. It is also important for us that the use of plant-based raw materials from sustainable cultivation supports the life cycle assessment.
But finally, we have to ensure that the material composition has the required product properties, such as material strength, i.e. an optimal balance of stiffness and toughness or a corresponding material color.

In a nutshell, we aim for the best possible combination of sustainability, product quality and price.

We are aware of how our work policies influence society around us; for example, in the packaging and assembly sectors we specifically engage suppliers who employ people with disabilities.

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